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About Us
Spectrum is an independent Diagnostic, Assessment and Therapy Centre specialising in the area of autistic spectrum disorders and associated difficulties including ADHD, dyslexia and speech and language difficulties.   We accept private referrals as well as statutory referrals from within Health and Education.  Parents and carers, or individuals themselves can self refer.  Local, as well as national and international referrals are welcome at the Centre.
Supporting those with a diagnosis of ASD
Here at Spectrum we aim to support individuals with autism and associated difficulties, their families and carers.  With over 20 years experience in this area, over time we have continually reviewed and modified or practice to reflect the exciting revelations of ongoing research and the latest developments in intervention strategies and resource development.
Autism and Asperger syndrome fall within the family of what we refer to as the autistic spectrum. Although ASD is considered to be a rather complex developmental disorder, we are of the very strong opinion that early diagnosis and intervention are key to the individual achieving his or her full potential.  We recognise the great variety in the landscape of how different individuals are impacted by their condition and that it is not a case of one size fits all.  That is why we put the individual at the centre of our work and aim to provide a range of services to address the needs of the person, rather than the pursuit of an individual methodology or intervention strategy.  We recognise that individuals develop and change, and that over time, needs and aspirations also change. Working in partnership with parents, carers, teachers and other local professionals, we feel it is essential that the needs of the individual are are considered in a holistic way. 
Diagnosis is key in getting started and our multi-disciplinary approach to diagnosis employs the application of the highly regarded Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO developed by Dr Lorna Wing).  
We consider any previous assessments and reports which may shed light on the individual's development to date and with appropriate authority will make contact with other professionals who may be involved in the individual child or adult's case. 
If relevant, the individual's parents or carers will be asked to complete a Pre Assessment Questionnaire and on the day of assessment will also be interviewed using the semi structured DISCO. 
Individual observations of the child / adult are carried out and a variety of cognitive (IQ), attainment (literacy / numeracy) and / or speech and language, sensory and social skills tests will be administered, as appropriate. 
If deemed helpful, a home, school or work based observation may also be arranged. 
On completion of all information gathering, a period of feedback is provided during which results and conclusions will be discussed.  Time is also taken to consider recommendations for the future and provision is made for any further questions or points for discussion. 
Further to assessment - a detailed report describing the individual's developmental history, current profile of skills, test results, conclusions and comprehensive recommendations is provided.
Please fell free to contct us for an informal consultation.
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